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BEAR vs BULL - Cardgame

BEAR vs BULL - Cardgame

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BEAR vs BULL is a game created by Metagate (formerly Smart Experience), which aims to present itself as card game educational trading and investments.
The game is therefore addressed to gaming and investment enthusiasts, but above all to those who are not afraid of the word Finance.



BEAR vs BULL is the board game that introduces you to the dynamics of trading and investments, giving you a taste of the emotions typical of the world of financial markets and allowing you to learn how to manage them, through realistic strategies.
The player will in fact find himself managing his own risk appetite related to:

  • its own emotionality
  • the progress of market
  • how they play the other operators
  • its own disposable income
  • the market moversof the market and sudden black swans

All cards also have captions on the related images, which they explain some specifications financial dynamics or historical events of the world of finance for educational purposes only.





  • Meant to be from 2 to 7 players(version Single Player with strech goal!)
  • Objective: Whoever earns the most wins
  • Approximate playing time: 1 hour
  • Multiple difficulty levels (already in the basic Financial Markets version!)
  • In English (regulations and translations upon reaching the strech goals!)

On the markets if you believe that the price of a financial instrument will rise, you can open a bullish position, investing a certain portion of your assets (Size) in the belief that you will close the position at a higher price and collect the difference. Otherwise, if you think the price will drop, you can open one bearish position.

Also in BEAR vs BULL players can buy or sell financial instruments by opening or closing positions, influencing the price and the respective graphs with their operations.


For the beginner mode, no knowledge of finance is required, but reading is recommended glossary to understand some essential terms (Long, Short, Size, etc.).
Players will use the soles Trend cards ignoring the cards listed in the Expert Level.
Understanding your emotions is the key to not losing your money on the markets, while understanding the emotionality of the markets is the key to making money.


With the MONEY MANAGEMENT cards  the player will also be asked to deal with a more advanced investment concept which will lead him to create more advanced strategies.
«Diversification is only useful to those who don't know what they are doing»
 (Warren Buffet)

A further level of play also allows you to probe the correlations between different financial instruments at the same time PLATFORM and EVENT cards.

Finally, with the FINANCIAL OPERATORS cards, players will be asked to identify with various players on the market such as Bots, Funds and Banks or even Central Banks!


The entire game is also designed for giving food for thought and teaching.
For example, it is designed so that statistically the increase in prices is slower than the relative decreases (you go up with the stairs and you go down with the elevator). At the same time it will never be possible to know a priori whether you are in a bullish or bearish market.
The same arrangement of candles is designed to give ideas to technical analysis enthusiasts.

But why Bear and Bull?

The bear it typically attacks its prey from top to bottom: this is why it is used in financial language to indicate a declining market.
On the contrary, the bull attacks from the bottom up and is therefore used to represent a rising market.



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