Both in the real world and in the metaverse!!

  • Elle_Ized

    Elle_Ized è specializzata nel decorare abiti in Denim riproducendo a mano opere d'arte.

  • Metagate

    Metagate è in grado di replicare per il Metaverso gli indumenti personalizzati da Elle_Ized.

  • Metaverse Fenix

    With this wearable Metagate wants to encourage the metaverse sector to relaunch itself after the last difficult year.

  • WallENT

    For Tolkien in the language of the Ents the name of a creature was given by the set of experiences it had lived. With wallets we are getting closer to this concept and with this wearable Metagate wants to underline this change of skin that we are experiencing.

  • Digital Gold

    Tribute to Bitcoin

  • Albert time machine

    This wearable was lost by Albert in his time travels. Metagate is trying to rebuild his laboratory in phygital version to continue with his missions. Warning: this may not be a game

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