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Easy Metaverse

Metagate wants to propose a gradual entry into the OVER the Reality metaverse, to reduce initial costs and risks, to be able to experiment and learn, network and community and position yourself for upgrades

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Our Usecases

In our Lands you will find many examples of applicable use cases for every situation: headquarters, store, gaming, conference, etc..

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I nostri Wearable

Metagate presenta la sua collaborazione con
Elle_Ized per la realizzazione di wearable customizzati come digital twin sia nel mondo reale che nel metaverso!

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Our Analysis

In this section it is possible to request a tailor-made market analysis on the OVER the Reality

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Our NFTs

With this collection, Metagate wants to enhance communities and collaborators, giving exclusive access to discounts, entrances, chats, experiences in the metaverse, etc.

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