Emanuele dascanio in realtà aumantata


On May 15, 2023 we collaborated on the creation of an installation in #AR (Augmented Reality) atUniversity of Roma Tre (Department of Architecture), entitled ARGILETUM: a journey from the stratifications of the past to the metaverse! This is a mixed reality experience that develops between the metaverse of Over the Reality and the historical reality of the cloister arches of the University of Roma Tre.
The exhibition, conceived on the occasion of the workshop "LANDSCAPE AND SPATIAL STRATIFICATIONS IN THE WEB 3.0 - Art, architecture and new forms of interaction for the PhD in Architecture, City and Landscape", aimed to represent the concept of historical stratification and space.

This environment hosts the artists' NFT works Emanuele Dascanio And Matteo Mauro. The protagonists in these works are quantum computers Kipu Quantum technologies, AI, low-poly modeling and digital clay sculpting. The passage to the second level of the exhibition animates the same digital architecture that pays homage to the real setting.e.

The second space is animated by a collective of emerging artists, very different from each other from a stylistic point of view but who all play with the space of the courtyard in which they have been placed. In particular we find works by:

1. Matteo Mandelli (YOU)

2. Marcello Baldari (MARS)

3. Fabiola Sangineto

4. Francesco Scura (DVRK)

This exhibition represents an important precedent that demonstrates how art and architecture can be merged and enhanced through a digital layer in Augmented Reality. Furthermore, it is important to underline the relative simplicity of installation without screens that are impractical and often not sufficient to enhance the new digital works. Likewise, the inclusion of gamification in the exhibition creates a flow of experiences that leads the visitor to interact with most of the works. The works themselves can then benefit from direct links to the artists' pages or even be presented by the artists' NPC avatars (to tend towards AI).

The opportunities both on the UX side and in saving set-up costs are evident and will be enhanced even more by the new generation of viewers that are arriving on the market recently starting with Apple's #VisionPRO (which already feature portability of apps based on #Unity like #OVER)

The entire work saw the collaboration of:

Metabrera: who held the artistic curatorial part

FLO: who contributed to the design of the architectural structure

Special thanks to the teacher Elena Battaglini of Roma Tre for the opportunity.

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You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)



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