Cosa sono i POAP? Gli NFT che certificano le partecipazioni

What are POAPs? NFTs that certify holdings

THE POAP (Proof of Attention Points) are digital tokens (NFTs) based on the Ethereum blockchain that are used as incentives to attract people's attention to certain topics or products.

POAPs can be obtained by participating in events, competitions, or completing certain online activities. Once obtained, POAPs can be exchanged or used to obtain rewards or access to special events. The Ethereum blockchain is used to ensure the security and transparency of transactions with POAPs. In reality they are easily redeemable on the Gnosis (xDai) chain for free or even for those who do not have a wallet it is possible to leave their email, to which a link will be issued to redeem the POAP within 7 days.

Additionally, since POAPs are blockchain-based tokens, they are easily exchangeable and can be used in many different ways. The popularity of POAPs is growing rapidly, with more and more companies using them as a tool to attract the attention of their customers and incentivize certain actions. Furthermore, they have become a popular means of raising funds for blockchain-based projects, thanks to their ability to offer tangible rewards to users who participate in the fundraiser.

POAPs are a versatile and rapidly growing tool, with a wide range of use cases in industries such as marketing, education and finance. Additionally, because they are easily tradable and backed by a robust blockchain like Ethereum, POAPs represent a viable option for those looking to use digital tokens as a means to attract attention and incentivize certain actions.

Metagate has already used POAPs on several occasions such as for the launch of its headquarters in the metaverse or to commemorate some events that also took place in the headquarters such as theaurea by Sara Calandra from Metabrera.

Here you will find the link to the Metagate headquarters and if you are lucky you might still find some POAP available and take advantage of its future advantages!!

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By Marco Pizzini



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