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With the Turingfunds on the occasion of the NFT Fest in Lugano 2023, an interesting collaboration was born in which we had the opportunity to meet a true enthusiast Bitcoin as well as art NFTs (on Ethereum).

Given that the theme assigned for this edition was related to Ordinals we had the opportunity to delve deeper into this topic in order to best represent it Augmented reality.

Thus was born the idea of ​​starting from an OBM, one of the most representative pieces of the collection. Given the static nature of the image due to the limited (and expensive) space on the blockchain, it seemed interesting to bring it to life. We then animated both the context and the image itself, allowing it to roll its luminous gaze and speak while greeting in jargon "GM, GM!!"

turingfund obm realtà aumentata

A peculiarity of the narrative linked to this collection is that OBMs are expressed in binary code. This gave us the inspiration to validate another use case that how Metagate we're putting in all our lands on Over the Reality; we are talking about language management. In this case, taking inspiration from this detail of the OBMs, we created an avatar that explained the entire land and we made sure that it could express itself in 5 languages ​​including morse code in order to respect the speech of the OBMs!

turingfund obm realtà aumentata
We take this opportunity to thank the Turingfunds (twitter) for trusting us in the creation of your Land in Lugano! For those who want to go and look for it, it is located on the lakeside near the central square of Lugano and near the Land of Emanuele Dascanio.

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You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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