Realtà aumentata su visore Meta Quest 3 - LUX Milano

Augmented reality on the Meta Quest 3 viewer - LUX Milan

You can roll a dice, build a house, defeat monsters. Metagate's augmented reality experiences are now accessible with the Meta Quest 3 headset. Participants at the Web3 Night Life event at LUX Gourmet Social Club in Milan experienced this firsthand—a night for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts. Many tried on a headset for the very first time!

Wearing the headset doesn't mean immersing yourself in another world; you stay where you are and continue to see reality, but with added new elements. A dice can appear on the floor, which you can pick up and roll. Walking around the room, you might encounter Albert, Metagate's avatar, who talks and interacts with you.

For our experiences, the headset is used without controllers. Objects are picked up directly with your hands, using your index finger and thumb, and can be passed from one hand to the other. To release them into the space, simply open your fingers and let them go. There's a specific feature: if the user throws an object against a real wall in the room, it bounces off and falls to the floor, as if it were a tangible element. This is possible because augmented reality provides a precise perception of space and its physical barriers. Since the Meta Quest 3 headset arrived in Italy in late 2023, we have been developing AR in this direction.

As Metagate, we also brought other complementary experiences to the LUX event, created with the Internet of Things + Alexa system.

The event was organized thanks to Giorgio Gramegna, with ICP.Hub Italia, Crypto Confidential, OffChain, The CryptoGateway, Bitget and with Italian Web3 communities such as BeatCoin Radio, Web3MI, HGVIS, WoVLabs, CryptoGirl.

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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