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The Catalog of theNFT fest in Lugano and we were super proud to be mentioned in it!

We participated in the NFT Fest in Lugano 2023 by bringing 25 unique experiences in augmented reality to Over the reality in collaboration with the festival itself, artists, collectors, influencers, brands, stylists, etc.. It was certainly a turning point for Metagate on which we focused and which began to bear fruit in the following months.

In particular, among the various experiences, the one that certainly attracted the most attention was the one geolocated at Asilo Ciani in conjunction with the physical exhibition set up by Holy Club together with the curators Sara Calandra and Annalisa Curtarelli with the direction of Ilaria Stirpe. Holy Club created a bridge from the real world to the digital one with super immersive artistic installations which in turn welcomed the works of very important NFT artists!

As Metagate we therefore took up the challenge of creating an opposite experience that connected the digital world to the real one through the geolocalized mixed reality of Over the Reality. To this end we have had the honor of collaborating with artists of the caliber of Andrea Crespi, Paulo Renftle And Yasmine Mahmoudieh. Their works were set inside Asilo Ciani at the center of the scene, placing them in a dreamlike context that recalled the title of the installation "Cyber ​​dreams".

In particular, the works of Crespi and Renftle were positioned inside one of the four arches of the atrium to complete the artists' respective physical exhibitions. As for Yasmine Mahmoudieh, for the occasion we went further by creating a installation even more elaborate which, in addition to being geolocalized in the center of the atrium on real mirrors, was also interactive. In fact, the visitor had the opportunity to click on some digital bottles floating on digital water, which transformed into digitalized chairs designed by the well-known designer. This passage was created to tell the story of the works of the artist who creates his own chairs using a 3D printer and recycled plastic. Mixed/augmented reality has therefore been an incredible ally both in practice and in the narrative of those who fight for a more sustainable system.

The fact that this installation in particular has been reported in the catalog is certainly a source of great pride for Metagate and for this we must certainly thank: Emanuele Dascanio, Ilaria Stirpe And Roberto Gorini.

The catalog launch event itself ultimately created one of those magical moments in which many of the most prominent actors and characters in the world of art and NFTs met in a small space one evening!


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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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