Metamask Institutional: la chiave per il Web3

Metamask Institutional: The key to the Web3

We have activated Metamask Institutional!

Having passed the selection process, we can say that we are among the first to take advantage of the Metamask Institutional (MMI) service.

Why is it very important?

Not for 1 but for at least 3 reasons:

1. Compliance

2. Connection to Web3

3. Customer Support

Regarding the first point, I believe it is clear to everyone that the biggest deterrent for any company to enter the web3 is the fact that regulations do not yet speak the same language as the available tools. With MMI, the two parties come much closer together as it is a service with KYT, multi-sig, and allows for the segmentation of custodied assets.

On the second point, we consider it an incredible advantage that this wallet is already supported by every dapp that integrates Metamask (the standard orange one); that is practically any dapp available today!!

Regarding the third point, we believe that it could be an interesting product to offer to customers for a safer management of digital assets in custody, with features such as Multi-sig, downloadable reports, and asset segmentation.

Metamask Institutional could be the key to access the web3 for institutional investors!

If you need further information or to understand the process to access it... we are here!

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)

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