Evoluzione nelle ere geologiche - Edutainment AR

Evolution in geological eras - Edutainment AR

Is it possible to walk in a park or down the street and encounter dinosaurs and mammoths? Now, thanks to Metagate's latest AR experience, the answer is yes!

It's called "Evolution in Geological Eras" and it's an augmented reality installation accessible from any phone. On the screen, users will see dinosaurs inserted directly into their surroundings: a T-rex can appear at home, on the street, or in the office!

Not only that: at the heart of the experience is the ability to select different geological eras and find oneself surrounded by the life forms of each epoch. Evolution through various geological ages thus becomes a process to watch live and localize in the user's preferred space.

The experience has a clear educational purpose: imagine, for example, that a primary school class can access the Metagate installation through a phone. Dinosaurs would no longer be studied only in books, but could be observed in reality. Integrating this new technology into a more "standard" learning process has the potential to stimulate children's learning, capturing their attention in a new and smart way.

As of today, users can access the experience through the Over the Reality app (downloadable on any smartphone), but soon it will also be possible to access it via augmented reality headsets (like Meta Quest3), as is already the case for other Metagate experiences.

"Evolution in Geological Eras" was created especially for AR KID for SXSW and is geolocated in Austin, Texas (certified via a dedicated POAP NFT). We thank Hexidized and Ardoda for their collaboration.

AR KID for SXSW - Austin, Texas

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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