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Design week - 3d shopping, now!

Maybe there Design Week it was the most important event we as metaverse developers could attend. User Experience is the only real bulwark that still holds the market at bay because the technologies are now mature and are converging into a single integrated system made up of many individual features. The large technological giants have governed the market for the last 20 years with very closed systems (we had to introduce a law to have the same magazines...), but decentralization is around the corner at least on the software side. It will be difficult for a single company to be able to be on top of all the new technologies that are coming to maturity at the same time. Instead, interoperable platforms capable of integrating all these technologies will be needed: blockchain, VR/AR, TO THE, IOT.

In our opinion, only one thing is missing for mass adoption: a suitable device. This cannot be achieved by a decentralized entity, but will need to be open enough to accommodate third-party applications. Apple has accustomed us well to this business model and the new viewers are the confirmation, as it is a device with incredible technology and an extreme focus on UX. Not to be underestimated is the direct portability of all apps developed on Unity (such as OVER). For our part, we are very fortunate to have time to prepare, experiment and refine the user experience of our experiences. Design Week was therefore the best stage for this and we decided to bring a project in which we could explore the potential of augmented reality in a home context. To do this we again chose the metaverse of OVER the Reality which through the geolocalization of experiences allowed us to position our experiences in relevant locations.

We started from physical assets present on Amazon and other we have created digital twins. we contextualized these digital twins in a kitchen and through interactions (thanks to the graphics engine of Unity) we made sure that it could be customized. We have then included affiliate links to be able to go and buy the chosen items directly on Amazon, also giving us the right to a percentage of the sales. The use case from our point of view is very interesting to be able to create any themed shop, in 3D, with a dynamic, interactive and gamifiable UX, without having to manage either the sale or shipping of the product.

We also included the icing on the cake an x-ray view in the kitchen to be able to see where the pipes pass and the electrical traces in the wall. How many applications could this functionality have if inserted into our homes or at an industrial level?

If you want to see the kitchen land remotely via smartphone, follow this link.

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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