Cagnola Hub per il quartiere

Cagnola hub for the neighborhood

Cagnola Hub is one of the projects into which we have put our heart more than others. We are used to thinking that it is the big companies that have to move first, to get involved and set a good example. With Cagnola Hub we have found a dynamic and proactive reality capable of questioning itself and even contaminating the surrounding realities.


Cagnola Hub is an association with the aim of enriching the Cagnola neighborhood in Milan with cultural activities and a coworking space.

Right from the start we found an environment in which the first thing was the desire to understand what we were proposing. We were therefore immediately invited to participate in a Lets Talk in which we could tell interested parties about our vision and mission, explaining how new technologies from our point of view must flow into a single integrated user experience that we call the metaverse. The participation of the public on this occasion was what pleasantly surprised us.o.


In the following months we therefore agreed to support Cagnola Hub in the 2 scheduled events with augmented reality activities to put into practice what was shared in the first intervention.


Being the first recreational event, we considered bringing, in addition to avatars that could present the association, an AR game on Over the Reality set and integrated in an intelligent and educational way in the square where the event was held. Here too we were surprised by the proactivity of the participants in creating skits in which natural people listened to the avatars while they explained. The video in question was also re-shared on social media with excellent organic diffusion!


The same proactivity was also found in the second event to which we tried to give our contribution. Strengthened by the first experience and wanting to involve other neighborhood associations in Cagnola Hub, we created a system whereby each association could present itself through its own AR avatar next to its 3D animated logo, again on Over the Reality.


During the event there were several people who wanted to access the experience to meet their own avatar or that of some friend or acquaintance. A special mention goes to our Alpine troops who hunted us down with sincere curiosity and interest!e!


Also very interesting was the opportunity to get to know Foto Raccordi, another association with which a collaboration is being established to geolocate the photos of that location in the past in the experiences we have!!


With Cagnola Hub it was not only an interesting project from the point of view of the developments we brought both in gamification and in other features (such as the navigator), never integrated before; it was first and foremost an opportunity for cultural growth that made us see first-hand that this time it is not certain that the digital natives are the promoters of change, but it can be anyone with an interested and responsible attitude towards these new tools.

Below I summarize the steps necessary to view it and some proposals to enhance what we have done.



1. Download the Over the Reality app

2. Follow the following link (or qrcode) only from a smartphone:

to. Click on open on app ”
b. Click on CONTINUE AS GUEST (entering a Nickname) )


3. Once you enter the experience:

to. Frame the floor until the white dots turn orange
b. Look around until you find the door that says ENTER
c. Look for your association in the list next to the door
d. To take a video/photo you can use the function at the bottom left


NB. You can also search for the experience on the map by going to Via Pacinotti and finding the hexagon that says LIVE, click and find the CAGNOLA IN FESTA event (and start again from point 3).


You can do this in any context you like, in your home, in your office, at the seaside or in the mountains and your video and/or your logo will thus be displayed in different environments.


At the bottom left you will find the image of a cube, by clicking SHOOT, you can take a photo or a video (choice of 10-15-30-60 seconds) which you can then save and use on social mediaal

For the video of our experiences follow us on Instagram And Twitter

You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


cagnola hub in realtà aumentata




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