ARwards: wedding in realtà aumentata

arwards:wedding in augmented reality

On the occasion of the competition organized by Over the Reality on the best experiences uploaded in AR on the platform we were very happy as Metagate to position ourselves with this very particular game.

The Augmented Reality experience was created for a particular event: a wedding. On this occasion it actually wanted to be more of a tool to try to make guests understand what Metagate was working on (much easier with a video than in words). We are therefore very happy that it also had a "technical" response.

But let's try to do a more technical analysis.

The game involved throwing the bridal bouquet backwards towards the maidens/avatars. Depending on the distance from the center, the game returned a message about who had picked up the bouquet of flowers: the best friend, the aunt, a gatecrasher...

The interesting thing here was the possibility of setting a game in a very specific context, showing how gamification in augmented reality can be truly pervasive even in situations we are not used to.

The other interesting aspect is the replicability of the event linked to a specific use case. In fact, this game can potentially be loaded in a variety of locations with negligible costs, becoming a full-fledged asset that can be spent.

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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