Our Experiences in the Metaverse

Below you will find the links to visit our lands on OVER the Reality and Spatial!

BTC Mining Game - LVL 1

Il primo livello (VIDEO) che abbiamo realizzato consiste nel raccogliere più monete possibili (BTC naturalmente), mentre un mostro verde cerca di prenderti e toglierti le tue vite. Ma questo gioco può benissimo diventare Robin Hood che ruba a Re Giovanni inseguito dallo sceriffo! E così saranno anche i livelli successivi..

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Elle_IZED wearables

Lo stesso abito è stato customizzato sia nella realtà da Elle_IZED, che in digitale da Metagate, per permettere di mantenere la propria personalità anche nel metaverso!! Vedi dettagli sul blog o ordina qui il tuo abito custom!!

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Smart Experience

We worked with Smart Experience to create a game dedicated to face-to-face team building but which is also a first approach to the OVER metaverse.

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Fashion Hall

This multifunctional room concept allows you to understand the quality that can be obtained without compromising use. (Also here on Spatial)

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Fenix of the Metaverse

With this wearable for the ARwards, Metagate wants to encourage the metaverse sector to relaunch itself after the last difficult year. Presentation geolocalized in Milano Citylife.

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Pavilion of Architecture

One of the first usecases is certainly the possibility of creating your own exhibition pavilion.

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Snowflake Metastore

In this land we have validated some use cases related to sales in the metaverse, affiliations and community involvement.

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Santa Claus (AR + IOT)

This scene was created to participate in the OVER ARwards bringing a very particular usecase in which Alexa's AR and IOT combine exponentially multiplying the usecases applicable in the real world.

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Catwalk with Pincode

This scene was made to participate in the ARwards by OVER bringing as many as 2 usecases: animated avatars that parade and the visualization of the scene conditioned by the insertion of the correct code (456).

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