Metagate NFTs Collection

This is the official Metagate collection on OpenSea. · Creator fee 10% · Chain Polygon

Collection on OpenSea


1. To receive the first 3 NFTs candidates by posting a photo in one of our Lands in the OVER or Spatial metaverses, tagging us.

To receive other NFTs in the collection:

2. Follow us on Instagram - < a href="" target="_blank" title="">Twitter - Linkedin - Youtube

3. Add Metagate HQ to favorites on OVER< /p>

4. Join the server of Discord

5. Like the collection NFT on Opensea< /p>

6. Send your feedback from the Headquarter on OVER and Spatial

7. Like the Headquarters on OVER and Spatial

8. Collect our POAPs (if active)

Then write us what actions you took to receive your NFTs!

NFT Policy

This is the official Metagate (Metagate Srl) collection based on the Polygon chain.

This collection will be updated from year to year and Utilities may be allocated by year of issue, NFT characteristics, number of NFTs held or in combination with NFT holdings from other Metagate or Partner collections.

The Drops of NFTs will be progressive based on the Metagate marketing dynamics based on a Whitelist of people participating in the project.


The 2022 issue will be distributed according to the Whitelist for a maximum of 999 NFTs divided as follows:

x130 NFTs for numbers 1,2,3,4,6

x199 NFTs for the number 5

x50 NFTs for the numbers 6,7,8

At the end of 2022 Metagate reserves the right to distribute the residual NFTs to team members and/or to use them as prizes in the year 2023.

1st edition 2022

x25 - NFTs for numbers 1,2,3,4 ,6

x40 - NFTs for number 5

x15 - NFTs for numbers 6,7,8

  • Drops from POAP

    Metagate can choose to drop NFTs by mining across all Metagate or Metagate partner POAP collections.

  • Third-party drops

    Drops that convey value from third parties (if Metagate will be involved), will be distributed on the basis of relevance to the characteristics of the NFT.

  • Discounts

    In the Metagate shop, depending on the number of NFTs, you can access discounts or exclusive products.

  • Ticket

    With 1 NFT you have access to Metagate's private lands on OVER the Reality

  • Basic

    With 3 or more NFTs you have access to Discord Basic where you can share your experiences with community members.

  • Developer

    With 6 or more NFTs you get access to Discord Developer with exclusive advice (and to trend discounted courses). Any job offers will be posted here. Tutorial repository access.

  • Investor

    A collection of the first edition of the new 2023 issue will be dropped to holders of 9 or more 2022 NFTs.

  • Supporter

    With 10 or more NFT 2022 you have the right to be mentioned on the supporters page (upon request and verification)

  • Staff

    12 or more NFTs give you access to Discord Business. (An affiliate program will be implemented). You have access to the report repository and useful links. Any privileged access to physical/online events.

  • Business

    With 14 or more NFT 2022 you are entitled to a presentation article on the Blog (subject to request and verification).

  • Premium

    With 16 or more NFT 2022 you have the right to receive all the Metagate drops or those conveyed by Metagate relating to 2022.

  • Partner

    With 18 or more NFT 2022 you are entitled to have your logo in Metagate HQ in the metaverse. (upon request and verification)

  • Annual Collection

    Each NFT is part of the Metagate
    collection within which they will be divided by year of issue and characteristics. Each
    year or characteristic or number of NFTs owned could give different rights.

  • Revenues

    Metagate will distribute the NFTs for free according to its Whitelist. The only source of Revenues will be the trading fees which will support management costs.

  • Commitment

    Metagate undertakes to accumulate and spend half of the fees received from sales to give benefits to holders and offset CO2 emissions

  • Editions

    Within the same vintage it will be possible to have different editions for collection purposes only.

  • Ecosistem

    Metagate is committed to involving its customers both at the level of bilateral promotions and of integration at the community level.

  • Unilateral change

    Metagate reserves the right to change its NFT Policy at any time for the following reasons: economic unsustainability, regulatory compliance, community protection.