Metabrera laurea Sara Calandra da Metagate

The first degree in the metaverse in brera

Friday 25 November 2022.

We were really happy to host the Graduation of Sara Calandra in "Communication and enhancement of contemporary artistic heritage" with the course Creative Communication for Cultural Heritage in Brera.


 Laurea di Sara Calandra di MetaBrera

We hosted a graduation in our venue and it would already be an excellent reason to celebrate, but there is much more!!

In fact, Sara graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis on the use of NFTs in the artistic field (Crypto Art movement), through a critical historical gaze, shifting the focus from the native Crypto world to that of the individual poetics of each artist for the benefit of her creativity and the MetaBrera project carried out together with 3 other colleagues (Annalisa Curtarelli, Maddalena Conti And Martina Dalla Vecchia, all founders of MetaBrera).

Not trivial especially in a moment like the current one, in which the market is cleaning up many frauds and imaginative investments. Those who build in these periods are aware that the underlying fundamentals have done nothing but consolidate and mature over the last year.

Furthermore, for the thesis Sara did us the honor of including an interview with Metagate and mentioning us in the discussion. But there's more! Because we offered Sara to discuss her thesis live in ours too Metagate headquarters  on the metaverse of Spatial in virtual reality!

24 people participated at the same time! Many Few At the moment it is not important... the important thing is that it was possible not only to discuss these themes in an innovative thesis, but also to make many newbies experience it first hand!i!

This historical period is the moment in which it is still possible to study the use cases to prepare for what will be tomorrow. We are all Early Adopters and as such it is physiological to take risks in the face of possible rewards that will arrive tomorrow (not today!).

For the more intrepid, however, Sara also allowed the minting of a POAP (NFT Commemorative of the event) positioned in the metaverse of OVER the Reality (still in our office, but the twin in the augmented reality metaverse of OVER)!

The lucky ones who redeemed the Poap will have some benefits from MetaBrera, as well as uploading and seeing photos of the event on Welook!!

Best wishes again to the Doctor!!

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By Marco Pizzini



Metabrera laurea Sara Calandra da Metagate

Metabrera laurea Sara Calandra da Metagate

POAP NFT Sara Calandra nella Sede di Metagate su OVER the Reality

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