Il marchio "The Metagate" nel web2 ma anche web3

The brand"the metagate"in web2 but also web3

Yesterday the 3 month period finally ended on EUIPO in which we could have suffered possible opposition for the registration of our textual and figurative trademark: "The Metagate"!!

A quick consideration: on EUIPO the online procedure for trademark registration is really simple, guided and clear. In Italy we still have plenty of pasta to eat regarding citizen services..

However, it was a somewhat anxious 3 months as statistically one registration in five is not successful (also losing the registration costs).

Fortunately we got to the bottom by putting another piece in its place; protecting our intellectual property on the one hand, but also putting a time milestone to be able to say one day "In the metaverse from 2022"!

Jokes aside, there is a lot to think about since this is precisely one of those services that web3 is predestined to replace.

But let's make some very practical reasoning, because to protect our intellectual property we have put in place various measures both web2 and web3 and below we try to summarize them and comment on them briefly.

WEB2 side we have:

  • founded the company Metagate Srl
  • purchased the domain and .xyz
  • registered the themetagate trademark
  • opened various accounts on social 2.0

WEB3 side instead we have:

  • bought the ENS domain (NFT): themetagate.eth
  • bought domains on Unstoppable domains (NFTs): themetagate.crypto .nft .blockchain .wallet
  • bought the Land NFT geolocated on our headquarters in the metaverse of OVER the Reality
  • minted one collection of 9 NFTs what do you tell us
  • minted a POAP to celebrate the launch of the project
  • opened various accounts on social 3.0

Doing a quick calculation in practice in web2 we spent at least 4,000 while for web3 we spent around 110.€.


  • The NFTs purchased can also act as a Hub for access to a series of services in a similar way to a combination of a current account and Spid and can be connected to an Avatar interoperable on different metaverses
  • NFTs are already valid all over the world and not just in Europe or Italy
  • The land on OVER hosts our augmented reality headquarters where we can welcome visitors and customers and show our use cases
  • our NFTs and POAPs already entitle you to discounts, exclusive merchandising, access to private lands in the metaverse and access to our discord channels dedicated to businesses and developers

Maybe nothing...


Marchio Metagate EUIPO



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You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)



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