Rush OVER Hexagon by Metagate (Fortnite map)

Rush OVER Hexagon by Metagate (Fortnite map)

 We have created a map on Fortnite!

Experience code: 7990-1749-2814

Video trailer here!

“Rush OVER Hexagon” is the Fortnite island developed by The Metagate.
Players, divided into two teams, have the primary goal of collecting coins along the way, distinguished by their design inspired by the logo of "Over the Reality". However, this treasure hunt is not just about collecting coins: players must also face guards and rival teams in intense strategic battles. The conquest of the final golden coin represents the peak of the challenge: possessing it marks the end of the game (besides giving a significant points bounty).

This island offers an exciting mix of exploration, combat, and strategy, inviting players to immerse themselves in a world where skill, ingenuity, and cooperation are essential to achieve the final victory.

Particularity: the hexagonal-shaped island and the collection of "OVRs" are designed to recall the roadmap of Over the Reality and raise awareness among the Fortnite community about this project.

 Metagate Fortnite

This map on Fortnite was developed by Metagate for several reasons, which we try to explain below:

1. Study the market: There are indeed many platforms available today, each with strengths and weaknesses. Knowing them is definitely an advantage to avoid proposing features on one platform when there might be a more performant one.

2. Learn to program: Developing on a platform for the first time is not at all like the second time. Learning is certainly very fast if you have good will, but the entry barrier is still always present, and it is good to overcome it as soon as possible.

3. Ideas: Sometimes, by studying a platform, you can solve problems that you have been dragging elsewhere!

4. Suggestions: Studying the market at this level allows us to provide better advisory services both to the client and to the platforms themselves, suggesting possible improvements and bugs and strengthening ties with the team.

5. Engage: One of the secrets of some platforms in other sectors has been to intercept user traffic from more advanced platforms, and in the metaverse field, users are definitely on the web2 platforms of Fortnite and Roblox (where we have already created another of our experiences). In this case, we try to bring attention to Over the Reality with the ecosystem of AR experiences we have developed on it.

6. Collaborations: Having our space on different platforms allows us to use them according to the occasion for collaborations or events (or multi-metaverse games...)

7. Play: If all this is not enough, we admit it is not too unpleasant to test a game!!


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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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