Perchè abbiamo scelto OVER? - Metagate

Why did we choose OVER?

As a metaverse to bring the business world closer to the metaverse, we have chosen OVER the Reality (OVR) for various reasons, both technical of the platform and of the project, and more managerial and project management by the work team.

We analyzed several Metaverso projects analyzing them under different aspects and in the end we chose OVER in particular for 3 characteristics:

1. Vision

2. Transparency

3. Usability

VISION: Quite simply, there are no other players on the market that have gone beyond the promise of combining VR and AR. In addition, OVER fully embraces the philosophies of Web3, placing itself as a blank canvas on which other operators can create their own works of art.

TRANSPARENCY: both the team, the roadmap and the statistics are public from OVER. All this also allows third parties to be able to program in a world that is evolving at an exponential rate of growth.

USABILITY: the usability of OVER is expressed both in the low access costs, both in the double 3D builder (on browser and on Unity), both because it relies on the decentralized IPFS protocol, and for the adoption of Polygon as a blockchain for its own NFT and tokens (OVR), but above all for the team's philosophy that places interoperability as the central element of its growth. This is allowing OVER to integrate a multitude of use cases, at a speed unthinkable for other projects. Finally, the fact that it is Smartphone-First and that you do not use viewers at the moment is anti-intuitive but allows a much more widespread diffusion. The viewers will arrive anyway.

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