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In view of the upcoming NFT Fest in June 2024, we are sharing some considerations on a game we first presented at the NFT Fest in Lugano 2023 (HERE an article on the previous edition).

Watch the video HERE.

This experience was initially created to align with the festival, which had a strong presence of Bored Apes (a famous exclusive NFT community).

The idea was to create a fun experience that paid homage to the Bored Apes community, while also celebrating the hosting city, Lugano's lake. From Michele Zanello of Over the Reality, we got permission to use the image of his Mutant Ape as the symbol of the experience. Thus, the jet-skiing monkey throwing bananas was born.

It was meant to be just a celebratory experience, but we added a fun twist by making the bananas explode into more bananas when clicked. This small change unexpectedly transformed the experience into the favorite among children who discovered it!

We learned that it is only by trying and testing that we can truly understand if something works or not. Additionally, it was our first AR experience on OVER where it became clear the generational usage gap. Not only in ease of use but also in the metrics for evaluating an experience.

We realized that the younger the target audience, the more important the dynamics of the experience are, while graphics are less important. Conversely, the older the target, the less important it is to include dynamics (which adults struggle with) and the more important it is to use graphics and animations.

This was one of the many lessons learned at the NFT Fest in Lugano. Perhaps the first major event we participated in with our experiences.


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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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