Motta e la musica NFT nel Metaverso

Motta and NFT music in the Metaverse

The project we are talking about today touches on an area that has not yet been fully explored but which promises to be one of the next to be significantly impacted by WEB3: music.

In this regard, Giampaolo Motta created a first song by recording it directly in the OVER the Reality metaverse and made it an NFT available on Opensea (in 14 copies only!).

But it was really necessary because it's interestinge?

Because a further use case that is inserted into an ecosystem that is gradually being built. I think a silent metaverse can even be disturbing, but the addition of music and sounds makes the experience even more immersive! Furthermore, by making the song an NFT, Giampaolo reiterated an important concept, namely that it is his (and now the property of whoever owns the NFT).

This is the philosophy behind WEB3 in which I can: use, interact and own digital assets without the typical WEB2 intermediaries who have built their fortune on content produced by users. The remuneration of the content creator is crucial in WEB3 and this approach poses the challenge to giants of the caliber of Facebook (formerly Meta) who in the long run will have to choose whether to remunerate the shareholders or the content creators.

If you want to follow Giampaolo: Twitter

If you even feel like visiting his land on OVER click here from your smartphone, install the app and... have fun!!

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By Marco Pizzini



Motta creator musica NFT su OVER the Reality by Metagate
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