MAP2Earn - Il vantaggio competitivo di OVER

MAP2Earn - The competitive advantage of OVER

But which OVER's competitive advantage?

From our point of view it is the MAP2Earn.


This is the possibility of scanning each of the 1.5KKK hexagons (Land) of OVER with your smartphone (without Lidar), creating 3D reconstructions of the environment thanks to AI. (here you can see a demonstration of scanning). The mapping will also be minted and become an NFT in itself.

To do what?

The best mapping will be chosen by the owner of the individual Land. The owner will therefore have the possibility to view the mapping on Unity when he has to choose where to geolocate the AR experiences. This will basically give the possibility of geolocating items with a precision of 25 cm (compared to the 6m minimum error of the GPS) and not only outdoors but also and above all indoors!! (imagine in a supermarket being able to add products, labels, posters...).

This precise geolocalization is obtained by anchoring the experience to physical objects already present in reality and which our smartphone (and soon glasses) are able to recognize in real time.

Furthermore, the scanning is so accurate that used in VR it could be used in many use cases! Let's think about non-invasive restorations, class trips, site inspections, etc.

How soon will it be available?

The alpha phase has already started and we are proud to be among the few alpha testers! At this link you can see what the mapping of the hexagons will look like and from today the possibility of seeing the scans on Unity has also been released (always and only for Alphas). Soon we will let you know what level we are at, but if you want an insight into what the final result will be like, OVER let us smell it here some weeks ago!! Better than hoped!!

For any further information do not miss to visit the article on blog of OVER!

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By Marco Pizzini



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