Immersive Experiences at MEET - The New Atlas of Digital Art

Immersive Experiences at MEET - The New Atlas of Digital Art

As Metagate, we were thrilled to participate in this important international event, alongside CoMeta, Holy Club, HoloNexia, and Kirale.

Metagate organized the immersive installations on the ground floor of the MEET for the event "The New Atlas of Digital Art". This unique event aims to offer visitors not only a discussion on technology and art but also the opportunity to experience these realities through new levels of environmental immersion and interaction.

Event Details The installations and interactive experiences were accessible during the ATLAS and beyond from June 20 to 23, 2024, to ensure maximum participation. Visitors could enjoy the artworks on different levels: starting from the screens displaying works by digital artists, they could move on to AR/XR interactions, available both on headset and via smartphone on the Over the Reality platform.

On Thursday at 12:30 PM, a TALK was held in the theater of the MEET, presenting the protagonists of these immersive experiences, offering an overview of the installations and technological innovations showcased, and the values promoted by each entity.

The main goal of the event was to allow participants to immerse themselves in artistic experiences in AR/XR (Extended Reality), and thanks to the collaboration of the various involved entities, cutting-edge experiences combining technology and art in innovative ways were presented. The different artistic projects, united by the theme of immersiveness, demonstrated how the technological tool can be used to enhance its message.

As Metagate, we took care of creating the augmented reality container using the new Meta Quest3 headsets.

The technical challenge was significant, integrating multiplayer, co-location, persistence components into the experience; all this to be able to position the works corresponding to the screens, interact with them in multiple people together, and see (and record) scenes like those in the video!

We also added connections to home automation to control the lights depending on the artwork interacted with and a commemorative NFT POAP redeemable.

Thanks again to MEET, to @mariagrazia_mattei and her collaborators for assisting us in this rush and for giving us this opportunity!




Experience with THEM: Gods of the Digital Age

The artistic project "Gods of the Digital Age" presented by THEM explores the connection between Greco-Roman deities and artificial intelligence. The exhibition combines classical Renaissance works with AI-generated creations, all composed of HTML code, offering a convergent vision between the machine's and man's gaze.

The authors invite us to immerse ourselves in a journey through time and space, exploring how humanity has revered and interpreted the unknown power of destiny and the force of free will through the ages.

The work prompts us to reflect on the similarities and differences between the worship of ancient deities and the perception of contemporary artificial intelligences, revealing our role as "ancients of the digital age."

The authors' desire is to create an opportunity to highlight the role of art in interpreting and giving meaning to the world around us, and to explore the cultural and philosophical implications of modern technology in the digital age.

The work "Mars," in particular, represents the God of War in cyberspace, symbolizing the struggle for online security. Displayed on-screen and interactable in XR thanks to Metagate, "Mars" reflects the strength and determination in protecting digital boundaries.

Instagram: @them_artproject


Experience with Gebelia: BEYOND HUMAN

The artwork "BEYOND HUMAN" by artist Gebelia, in collaboration with @them_artproject, was exhibited on screens and interactable in XR thanks to Metagate. Recently presented at @artdubai, this experience combines Gebelia's iconic, controversial, and ironic aesthetic with THEM's conceptual vision.

Gebelia, an extraordinary vector artist active since 2010, is known for his quest for perfection in simplicity. Through his unique style, the artist seeks to raise public awareness of contemporary social issues. In "BEYOND HUMAN," Gebelia represents a superintelligence that nourishes and instructs a subordinate to guide, monitor, and manage human behavior.

This work is a perfect blend of Gebelia's refined style and THEM's conceptual futurism, creating a provocative and stimulating vision of our technological future. Thanks to Metagate, the work will be interactable in XR, allowing visitors to explore the details and nuances of this creation through headsets and smartphones.

Instagram: @gebelia



Experience with CryptoMadonne by Beatrice Vigoni (Holy Club)

For the occasion, the work related to the CryptoMadonne project by Beatrice Vigoni was displayed both on screen and interactable in AR/XR through headset thanks to Metagate.

The work represents an innovative reinterpretation of the Marian figure. Inspired by Masaccio's work, this reinterpretation frees the Madonna from the traditional theological role of Mater Dei, transforming her into an archetype of a woman immersed in history and modern daily life.

The experiences of the CryptoMadonne, with their multifaceted appearances, explore concrete and realistic possibilities of a life lived outside the historical-religious context. This new representation humanizes the Madonna, reflecting both the positive and negative aspects of contemporary life.

The iconic reinterpretation of the Madonna in a digital key not only maintains her iconicity but enriches her with new meanings, making the digital world a fundamental element of our culture. The work thus becomes a symbol of the contemporary woman, witnessing her life and its many facets.

Instagram: @ cryptomadonne_holyclub


Experience with Roberto Giavarini: The Legend of the Monster of Lake Lugano

Artist Roberto Giavarini presented a fascinating experience intertwining myth and technology. His work, displayed on screen and animated in XR through headset thanks to Metagate, explores the legend of the monster of Lake Lugano, known as Ceresio. According to the myth, Ceresio, lord of the waters with an algae beard, lived in a cave under the lake's surface and fought a gigantic monstrous fish that devastated the region with its movements.

This ancient story comes to life today through a digital performance in Augmented Reality (AR). Using 3D software, Giavarini created a detailed model of the monstrous fish, inspired by fossil species and contemporary fish.

The performance is georeferenced with the coordinates of Lake Lugano, requiring visitors to travel to Lugano to admire it. This project not only pays homage to an ancient myth but also aims to become a new tourist attraction on the shores of Lake Ceresio.

Instagram: @roberto_giavarini


Experience with Adriano Lombardo: Interconnection_newborn star

Imagine the cosmic ballet unfolding before your eyes: a bright blue energy sphere, sparkling like a newborn star, gracefully rotating in the infinite darkness of the universe. Suddenly, with a bright and overwhelming explosion, it disintegrates, releasing a cascade of sparkling particles that spread everywhere. These particles, like cosmic dancers, intertwine and float, creating surreal shapes that evoke ethereal creatures and mystical motifs. The immense void of space transforms into a vivid and pulsating tapestry of light and wonder, a living artwork that enchants and inspires the soul.

 Instagram: @adriano_lombardo_hc


Experience with HGVIS

HGVIS is a community-driven digital fashion platform. Discover the fusion of art and technology with HGVIS, invited by Metagate to present a unique experience. HGVIS showcases the talent of community artists such as Tedium, Meme, and Isola, transforming their creations into a digital fashion show in AR (Augmented Reality).

This exclusive AR experience, available both on headset and smartphone through Over the Reality thanks to collaboration with Metagate. This will allow visitors to explore the endless possibilities of digital fashion and immerse themselves in a new era of creativity and expression. The virtual runway will offer an extraordinary visual and interactive experience, where digital art comes to life through futuristic clothes and accessories. The theme of digital identity not only as a vehicle for personal data but as a representation of one's self is a deeply felt theme by digital fashion artists.

Instagram: @hgvis_nft


Experience with Giuseppe Veneziano

Giuseppe Veneziano, one of the leading Italian artists of the New Pop movement, presents a collection of 15 NFTs curated by CoMeta.

Veneziano, born in Mazzarino, Sicily, in 1971, graduated in Architecture from the University of Palermo. Moving to Milan in 2002, he dedicated himself exclusively to art and painting. With an original and recognizable pictorial language, Veneziano tackles sensitive themes such as politics, sex, and religion, offering a disenchanted view of contemporary society.

His works are characterized by a pop iconography that mixes historical personalities, modern celebrities, cinema icons, and comic characters. Veneziano blurs the lines between fiction and reality, reflecting the media nature of today's society. His work is celebrated for its communicative ability, with images that become symbols of a universal and accessible language rooted in global mass culture.

During the event, Giuseppe Veneziano's 15 NFTs will be displayed on screen, offering visitors a unique visual experience. Each work is a mix of pop elements that reflect current and universal themes, with CoMeta's curatorship ensuring a high-level exhibition experience.

Thanks to collaboration with Metagate, visitors will be able to create their virtual gallery with Veneziano's works using an XR headset. This immersive experience will allow exploring the works in a personalized digital environment, offering a new way to interact with contemporary art.

Instagram: @giuseppe_veneziano


Experience with Vandalo Ruins (Luca Martinelli): SEANCE

The AI-themed experience presented by Vandalo Ruins, aka Luca Martinelli, is titled "SEANCE". This innovative installation tells ghost stories through interactive art based on Artificial Intelligence. SEANCE represents the opportunity to explore how works generated by AI language models (LLM) can become an extension of the artist himself, using his taste to creatively present the themes he wants to address. This work is imbued with existential questions filtered through the artist's experience, which cannot answer such questions. The work invites the public to find meaning not in the answer but in the relationship with the question itself. This dialogue represents how the physical and digital worlds are increasingly contaminating each other, creating greater immersiveness for the user.

The SEANCE installation will be on the first floor of the MEET in a cozy and personal environment, allowing visitors to interact with AI art in a way never seen before, blending digital narratives with artistic perception to explore deep and complex themes.

Instagram: @vandalo_ruins



Experience with Yasmine Mahmoudieh

The experience with Yasmine Mahmoudieh represents an innovative fusion of sustainable design and immersive technology. Within the event, visitors can admire 'Turn me' design chairs/table created by the artist, 3D printed using recycled plastic. These unique pieces not only exemplify Yasmine's sustainable aesthetic but also her commitment to a more eco-friendly future.

Thanks to collaboration with Metagate, the experience is further enriched by an XR (Extended Reality) dimension. Using headsets and smartphones through the Over the Reality platform, visitors can virtually customize their chairs and place them in the surrounding

environment via an XR "tablet" projected on their hand. This interaction allows exploring the endless possibilities of personalized design in a virtual context.

A particularly evocative element of the experience is the activation of animations that will "flood" the physical structure of the MEET digitally. This powerful visual effect symbolizes the artist's deep message, aiming to raise awareness of product sustainability and the importance of addressing climate change. The animations create a visual dialogue that invites reflection and discussion, amplifying Yasmine Mahmoudieh's message on the urgency of adopting sustainable practices in design and production.

Instagram: @yasmine_mahmoudieh



Experience with HoloNexia: XR Interior Design

HoloNexia, the cultural association dedicated to immersive realities, presents an innovative XR (Extended Reality) Interior Design experience. 

This unique experience will allow visitors to furnish the real room of the MEET using hand movements to position hybrid virtual objects. Through the use of a Meta Quest 3 headset, participants can directly interact with the surrounding environment, adding virtual furniture and decorations in real-time.

This advanced technology offers a new dimension of creativity and personalization, allowing to explore infinite possibilities of interior design in an immersive environment. HoloNexia aims to demonstrate how immersive realities can revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with physical spaces, creating experiences that merge the real and virtual worlds to expand both.

Instagram: @holonexia



Experiences with Dimensions DAO

The experience dedicated to the artists of Dimensions DAO, Simoneup and Tauma.Art, is curated by CoMeta. Dimensions DAO is a cultural association with the goal of enhancing digital art. The works of these artists explore futuristic and utopian themes, creating a bridge between technology and art.


Simoneup presents a series of robot-themed works, reflecting on how robots have established harmony between technology and nature in a short time. Simoneup's message is clear: "In a short time, robots have established harmony between technology and nature. In a true energy revolution, AIs have found the right algorithm and continue to perfect it. The problem now is to repair the damage caused by humans over the years, a difficult task even for such a powerful AI."

Simoneup's artworks will be displayed on a screen, offering a dynamic view of his work. Additionally, thanks to collaboration with Metagate, visitors can experience an immersive XR experience, both on headset and smartphone through Over the Reality. Here, animated 3D robots will tell the story of Dimensions DAO and the works of individual artists, creating a unique and engaging interaction.

Instagram: @simoneup



Giovanni Croce, aka Tauma, will present works that reflect the concept of "Future Heritage". One of his main works, "Phoebus," represents an athlete captured in a perfect moment, based on a 3D scan of a copy of the "Discobolus" by the Greek sculptor Myron. This Discobolus, in particular, is based on the "Discobolus Lancellotti," dating back to the 2nd century AD and currently exhibited at Palazzo Massimo.

Giovanni Croce's message is powerful: "A digital artist shouting in deep space. Collection 'Future Heritage'. 'Phoebus' is an athlete, captured in a perfect moment. In this utopian future, he detaches from a false ideal of beauty and sets new challenges." Tauma's works will be displayed on a screen, while in XR, thanks to Metagate, visitors can see his sculptures in 360° both on headset and smartphone, offering a complete and immersive view of his creations.




AltroveD presents a work from his new project titled "Digital Kills Television Stars". The artistic project examines the relationship between the new generations and television, highlighting the influence of commercial television on Generations X and Y. With the advent of the internet and social media, Generations Z and Alpha find their models among online influencers, marking a shift in cultural values.

The goal is to reflect on cultural changes and new adopted values, inviting to consider how to preserve cultural roots in an era of rapid changes.





Experience with Kirale: The First Italian AI Idol

Kirale Cheer is the first Italian AI Idol by Infinite Officine, a conversational application and performer, representing a meeting point between artificial intelligence and entertainment. Kirale offers interactive experiences that explore new frontiers in the relationship between man and machine, introducing a new concept of online identity. During the event, it will be possible to interact with Kirale via a monitor at the entrance, allowing visitors to chat directly with her. Kirale is a multi-platform Avatar, whose model is made available to the communities, encouraging its use and sharing. This creates a kind of loyalty of an entire collective online identity of which Kirale becomes the face or community manager.

This unique experience invites participants to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in the field of entertainment, offering a glimpse into the future of human-technology interactions. Don't miss the opportunity to meet Kirale and discover how AI can transform our way of communicating.

Instagram: @kiralecheer


Experience with Mokart: Call to Artists!

In collaboration with Mokart, a Call to Artist has been launched, offering the unique opportunity to be showcased on the screens of the MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan during the event "The New Atlas of Digital Art". This initiative, promoted by Riccardo NFT, aims to bring new artists onto the international scene, allowing them to showcase their talent in a prestigious context.

A selected artist will have the chance to display a work on screen within the MEET, while other selected works will be included in Metagate's XR experiences, available on headset and smartphone through Over the Reality. This immersive experience allows exploring artworks in an innovative digital environment, creating a unique interaction between art and technology.

Instagram: @m_o_k_art


Bio Partners


Metagate is a cutting-edge company in developing AR/XR experiences on Meta Quest3 and Over the Reality. Specializing in customization for individual businesses, Metagate integrates Web3, AI, and IoT functionalities to offer innovative and tailored solutions. For the event, Metagate gathered the main sector realities to give the public the opportunity to know and experience augmented and mixed reality.

Thanks to collaboration with Iter Research, it was possible to integrate background music for an even more immersive experience!

Instagram: @metagate_milano



CoMeta is a cultural association that promotes the conscious, efficient, and effective use of new technologies. Using art as a vehicle, CoMeta tells the story of a world in continuous evolution, raising public awareness of the benefits and potential of technological innovations.

Instagram: @co_meta_


Holy Club

Holy Club© is a collective of artists and professionals who develop innovative creative projects in art and marketing. Their commitment is to blend art and technology, creating cutting-edge solutions that follow the latest market trends. Thanks to an approach that combines creativity, originality, and technological competence, they help clients stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Instagram: @holy_club_group



HoloNexia APS is a social and cultural promotion association focused on creating a perfect sustainable fusion of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI, and Metaverse technologies with everyday life through innovative projects and activities that break down barriers between the various worlds to extend human sensations and possibilities towards new holographic and physical horizons!

Instagram: @holonexia



Kirale Cheer is the first Italian AI Idol by Infinite Officine, created by Art director Camillo Ciuccoli.

As a conversational AI and performer, Kirale represents a meeting point between artificial intelligence and entertainment, offering interactive experiences that explore new frontiers in the relationship between man and machine in a fun and functional way.

Instagram: @kiralecheer

Vegan Suite

Vegan Suite was born with the intent to spread the expertise of professionals in the fields of Design, F&B, and Lifestyle, who concretely commit to using innovative and plant-based raw materials to 'heal' and safeguard our planet. We have understood that this is possible, and through our channels, we spread accurate content and connect experts and visionaries with a particular interest in luxury hospitality, which is a driving force for ecological transition.

Hence the collaboration with @yasmine_mahmoudieh, who has developed a vast 'library' of eco-sustainable materials over the years and combines art, design, and technology with an important message for environmental protection.

Anna Caccia, Founder

Instagram: @Vegan_Suite



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