Fencing & Metaverse (WMF)

Fencing & metaverse (wmf)

Like Metagate we have made some progress towards the metaverse with Matteo Resegotti and Veronica Crippa. In addition to being a fencing champion, Matteo has become interested in the metaverse and NFTs during his studies. This was certainly a stimulus for the Italian Fencing Federation which took the opportunity to create opportunities for reflection linked to new technologies and the metaverse.


The Federation has thus consolidated a history that sees it as a protagonist of innovation in sport. In particular, together with the We Make Future 2023 event in Rimini we were given the opportunity to join Matteo and Veronica in a panel to talk together about the opportunities for sport and in particular for fencing in the metaverse.o.


As Metagate we could not avoid bringing our vision which places Augmented Reality, currently at a disadvantage regarding the development of platforms compared to Virtual Reality, but which in the long term allows many more use cases even in everyday life.

It is no coincidence that both Google with the Googleglass, Meta with its latest Meta Quest PRO and finally Apple with the Vision PRO, are all aiming for Augmented Reality with all the technological problems involved (Google didn't even manage to reach the market ! Google!) But why do we see Augmented Reality in Metagate as so attractive? Because it doesn't need space and time dedicated to its use and because it is based on a base layer already full of features to integrate: reality! However, in sport it is not certain that AR is always the correct path, especially in this transition phase, and it is not even certain that sport can benefit from these technologies in the way we expect..


So let's try to retrace some use cases that we talked about at the We Make Future event with Matteo and Veronica:

1. possibility of training your reflexes through ad hoc gamification

2. possibility of recording one's movements with a haptic suit both to analyze them but also to use them both in teaching and in the creation of experiences with fencer avatars

3. possibility to meet your followers remotely

4. possibility of experiencing the sensations of a fencer on the platform

5. possibility of bringing your trophies back to life both through video and photographic material, and by creating avatars that can tell their story

6. possibility of distributing POAP NFTs (event commemoratives) or POAPs linked to customized gamification to create a community and engage it

7. possibility of expanding the space for sponsors and creating new synergies with them.

Each of these possibilities opens up worlds in which the commitment must still be to lead people by the hand to explore them.

It is not likely that people in this early adoption phase will go and visit these spaces independently. What is needed is to understand that the commitment to maintaining an ecosystem of this type is not negligible.

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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