Gondola metaverso darsena metagate OVER in realtà aumentata

Event for Sport in Darsena -"What is the Metaverse for?"

What is the purpose of metaverse?” I think this is the question I rightly hear most frequently.

Usually the answer given here and which surprises (less and less) the interlocutor is: which metaverseo?”
The question then evolves: What do I need the metaverse for. Here it becomes more difficult to give answers because it depends on the person's reference time horizon. Before answering, you should understand with the interlocutor whether his vision is linked to a discussion of the current year's turnover or whether there is instead an intention to position himself for the long term. In financial language we need to understand whether we need to apply trading or investment strategies. We need to have this clear in advance because the answers can be very different.se.

At Metagate we tailor the answer to the customer's needs because there is no single answer. It didn't exist for books, for websites and even more so it doesn't exist for the Metaverse. The key is to identify the customer's need or aspiration (there is no real need today, but you can aspire to position yourself for the needs of tomorrow) and propose a solution that is tailor-made. Each metaverse has its own strength that could be more or less useful in the situation at hand.


Today we try to answer with a case study linked to a project carried out with the collaboration of SUP Mindfulness, JBAY.ZONE And Sports in the Darsena.
The occasion was linked to the openday of the association for the promotion of sport in the Darsena in Milan and in particular two entities linked to SUP (paddling boards) were involved. In this case we tried to pursue 2 objectives: one short term and one longer.

In the short term, in fact, the promotion of the event was a priority and since the event was in person it was necessary to focus on an experience that would attract people to the site. To this end we have adopted the metaverse of OVER the Reality which using geolocalized Augmented Reality allowed us to create on-site experiences to also share on social media as teasers, aiming for the WOW effect.

We then realized 2 experiences:

1. In the first we achieved a digital twin of a SUP board with an NPC Avatar placed on top. We took the model and geolocated it, swaying, on the water in the middle of the Darsena. We then contextualized some graphics around it and the JBAY.ZONE logo large in the sky.

2. In the second we went further. Leveraging the knowledge of the owner of the unique gondola in Darsena, we have dynamically geolocalized a digital gondola that passes through the entrance to the Naviglio Grande. This means that anyone who opens the app in that location will see the digital gondola pass exactly in that place and the various partner logos.

THE video made at these installations have certainly attracted attention to social bringing interesting engagement even to pages that are not particularly active.

As regards the long-term focus, some precautions have been taken to create a positioning that bears fruit over time:
1. a has been achieved NFT POAP redeemed by those who participated in the event and which will also serve as a certification for the partners involved that they were among the first to adopt these technologies. There blockchain He does not forget!
2. the event remains the first use case of this type in Milan and is already being used widely as a case study and model to follow
3. the event is still available for anyone who connects to the lands on OVER in Darsena in Milan; Furthermore, it is possible to extend the life of the event by integrating images, videos or audio of the real event.

Finally, some side considerations:
1. developing the event itself (not particularly complex) did not require more than a week of work
2. rely on a digital experience it explodes the space to give visibility to sponsors, and if you use it OVER with augmented reality this can happen in otherwise prohibitive locations

If you want to see the gondola land remotely via smartphone, follow this link. Otherwise, just open the OVER app by going to the location!

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You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)



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