AR-NFT Fest Lugano: Emanuele Dascanio


With a few days to go before the end of the NFT Fest in Lugano we want to start pulling the strings. At the festival as Metagate we participated as a sponsor creating experiences in Augmented reality on Over the Reality.

Today, however, we would not like to focus on the ecosystem we have created of 17 AR experiences. Today we would like to thank in particular a person who we like to point out as the "culprit" of the beginning of the Metagate adventure and who has encouraged and supported us since its beginning. Naturally we talk about Emanuele Dascanio, a well-known artist for both his physical and digital works. But even here we do not focus on his undisputed artistic abilities; instead we want to linger on his ability to always get back into the game and to involve others in his positivity.

Emanuele has been able several times in his career to take paths considered by many to be difficult and risky. How many would have dedicated months and years of their lives to creating a few (now very rare) hyper-realistic works of art How many have had the courage to study, understand and adopt technology NFTs as a new support for their art (especially those who did it before the NFT bubble)?)

Finally... how many have had the courage to bet on a new technology such as augmented reality. This last step is the only one in which Emanuele has not yet had the opportunity to prove himself right, but this is where Metagate we have decided to participate in this bet of his and we hope to be able to win it together.

It was with great pleasure that we hosted Emanuele in one of our augmented reality experiences on Over the Reality in Lugano on the occasion of theNFT Fest 2023. For those who would like to find him together with one of his works looking at the water from the lakeside in front of the city's Casino. On the blockchain this is already history.


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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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