Digital twin in realtà aumentata

Digital-twin for the OVER Metaverse thanks to Metagate and Elle_IZED

On the occasion of ARwards of the metaverse of OVER the Reality, we created together with Elle_IZED a first wearable digital-twin!! In practice the same dress has been customized both in reality and digitally to allow you to maintain your personality even in the metaverse!!


From today it is therefore possible to have it made (here) a denim garment customized by Elle_IZED with a hand-painted work of art; and at the same time receive the corresponding digital asset for the OVER and Decentraland metaverses (or others if requested)!!

But let's delve deeper into the implications of this activity.

The metaverse today is often promoted as a place where you can be whoever you want, but that's really how it has to be. Of course not!o!

Let's put some concepts in order:

What is a digital twin?

A digital-twin is a digital twin of a real object. It can be used in various ways depending on our need. For example, we could use it to analyze an assembly line before creating it or, as in this case, to digitize a distinctive feature such as a logo or a garment.

But why would I want a digital-twin to represent me  

There can be endless discussions about the desire to be oneself on social media or in digital worlds. In our opinion it is important that at least the person has the possibility of choice, both in one direction and the other!

Until now it has been easy to be someone else online, rather than yourself, but this will continue to be the case with heavy use of wallet for example, it could create a sort of completely transparent container in which every aspect of our life would pass with the pros and cons that this entails.

Surely tools need to be developed to better manage this information, but the point remains that in a web3 metaverse it could paradoxically be very easy to change our appearance, but more difficult to hide what really identifies us. in this sense what identifies us is not our name and surname, but our actions!

A little anecdote to conclude: in the Lord of the Rings in the language of the Ents, the name of the creatures was the set of all the experiences that they had lived. Our wallets could therefore become a bit like our name in Entese!

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)




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