AR-NFT Fest Lugano: Cyber Dreams


In conjunction with the physical exhibition of CyberDreams promoted by Poseidon DAO in the central patio, the exhibition of Paulo Renftle, Andrea Crespi And Yasmine Mahmoudieh, was enriched by experiences in Augmented Reality. The AR installation was created by Metagate, which geolocalized the digital assets on the platform Over the Reality, with the collaboration of the curator Sara Calandra and the direction of Ilaria Stirpe.

 On the occasion of theNFT Fest in Lugano, Metagate collaborated on the creation of an Augmented Reality installation with Yasmine Mahmoudieh. The experience featured a physical part consisting of an example of the artist's Turn Me chair. The work was integrated into an AR experience in which there was a digital body of water geolocated precisely above physical mirrors to create an effect of integration between physical and digital. Floating plastic bottles were then inserted into the water which, once touched in Augmented Reality, transform into the artist's digitized works.a.

You see the video here!!

The work entitled "OceanaWarp" represents an innovative example of eco-conscious art that exploits advanced technology, in particular Mixed Reality (MR), is a site-specific creation created by the famous architect and designer Yasmine Mahmoudieh, with the assistance by art curator Sara Calandra and Metagate, developers of experiences in the metaverse.


The title of the work, "OceanaWarp" is a combination of "Oceana" which recalls the ocean, and "Warp" which suggests a distortion or transformation of reality. This word aims to evoke a sense of entry into an altered but focused world, where ocean issues, such as plastic pollution, are addressed in a revolutionary way so as to raise public awareness towards a sustainable perspective.

 Yasmine Mahmoudieh e Sara Calandra

The work was exhibited from 8th to 11th September 2023 inside the enchanting patio of the Ciani nursery school in Lugano (Switzerland), for the Cyber ​​Dreams exhibition curated by i Ilaria Stirpe, Sara Calandra, Annalisa Curtarelli And Holy Club Digital Art Gallery. The space that hosts it entitled "Close Your Eyes" represents an extraordinary immersion between waking consciousness and the dream realm, where the real and the virtual merge in a powerful visual dialogue. Thanks to Augmented Reality technology provided by the "OVER the Reality" metaverse, "OceanaWarp" has been geolocalized in the Lugano area, allowing visitors to experience it interactively. The central mirror in the patio was transformed into a virtual expanse of water, conceptually connecting to the theme of marine contamination. Visitors could interact with floating 3D objects, representing polluting plastic bottles, and through their device, they could sink the bottles to reveal eco-sustainable Designer products.

You see the video here!!

The work merges art, technology and sustainability, in fact the physical objects present in the installation are 3D printed using recycled plastic, so as to transform a harmful material into functional and artistic pieces with dreamlike and multi-use shapes. Each object is equipped with an NFC chip that allows a perfect fusion between physical reality and virtual reality, allowing visitors to interact with the work in unique ways.
It is important to highlight how Yasmine Mahmoudieh is renowned for her unique and holistic approach to design, which integrates human psychology and advanced technology. It has created award-winning projects in different parts of the world, including hotels, shopping centers and residential complexes, without ever losing its characteristic organic approach that combines modern design and functionality, keeping human needs central.

marco pizzini e yasmine mahmoudie

Ultimately "OceanaWarp" is an extraordinary example of how art and technology can converge to address environmental challenges and promote a more sustainable future as well as experimenting and understanding new mediums that are protagonists of the digital age.

As for Paolo Renftle and Andrea Crespi, both exhibited their real works, to which the team wanted to integrate an AR work to complete the series within two arches of the room purposely left empty.

By Sara Calandra & Marco Pizzini


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