ARwards: Metagate Headquarter su OVER the Reality

ARwards: Metagate Headquarters on OVER the Reality

Last week Metagate uploaded 3 projects for the competition organized by OVER the Reality on building AR experiences in the metaverse.

The 3 projects involved:

1. the Headquarters by Metagate (with intercom to the real world and receptionist)

2. A fashion show (with PIN code)

3. Santa Claus (bringing candy with Alexa)

Today we focus on the Headquarters in which we have condensed a whole series of use cases that can be used and combined by a huge range of activities.

Let's start with a nice bulleted list to understand better:

In this Land we have created our headquarters which acts as a HUB for all our activities and as a model for various use cases! For example (following the video) you can:

1. Move around the same Metagate office but in the Spatial metaverse. We have inserted this portal to enhance the interoperability of the metaverses and in particular that of OVER which from this point of view has few rivals (both web2 and web3). Each platform has its strengths and the smartest thing is to exploit them by switching from one to the other. Furthermore, this also significantly lowers the platform risk and it is no coincidence that this is the first point we brought up;

2. Interact with the avatar at the reception. At the entrance there is an avatar that will start talking to you and buttons will appear on the AR screen to ask questions about Metagate's Vision, Mission and Motto;

3. Attach a appointment or leave a feedback via a google form. This is a very simple yet effective use case. No one forces us to take complex paths if we can avoid it. The more we use free and widespread tools, the easier adoption will be!

4. Link to ours NFT collection and to the website with the description of all the benefits that our NFTs can bring, such as unlocking access to some Lands, accessing channels on Discord for developers or dedicated to business.

5. Leave your CV! This link is also very simple and effective. We are looking for collaborators for our project who already have a knowledge base on web3. The CVs collected from the metaverse are as if they had already passed a selection process!

6. Visit the Metagate forest with which the site's CO2 is compensated! With this we want to indicate a style, a tension. We are at the beginning but where we can we want to strive to do it with the right style.

7. Collect a POAP and upload the photo of the experience to WeLook! This use case opens up a world of possibilities! In some way it is the essence of Web3 in which through NFT certifications on blockchain you can demonstrate that you have participated in events and have consequent rights (like on our ecommerce) or have access to certified environments without spam, scams and other annoying stuff.

8. Link to partner sites. Networking is essential and being able to give visibility by interconnecting the various entities we work with brings added value to us and to them!

9. Visit our store with both physical wearables (ecommerce) that digital (branded Metagate) with special discounts for those with POAP or NFT. Physical and digital digital twins have certainly already been identified by many fashion houses, but moving from theory to practice is another thing. Furthermore, having an ecommerce that already recognizes NFTs allows you to build an omnichannel ecosystem which is increasingly the way to go for customer UX.

10. Score Monday's appointment headquarter. We couldn't avoid introducing ourselves and experiencing our headquarters firsthand and therefore we wanted to give a temporal reference as to when it is certainly possible to meet in the metaverse.

11. Summon the founders of Metagate by calling them at phone box (via an IOT connection with Alexa and IFTTT, which makes their phone ring). This use case is perhaps the most extreme and the most innovative as we were the first to connect OVER's AR to Alexa's IOT. With this system it is possible to be notified when someone enters our virtual environment and we can enter to welcome them!!

Having said that, we hope to have infected you with a bit of enthusiasm and you are all invited to vote for ours Headquarters also seen the exceptional jury and the prizes up for grabs!


For the video of our experiences follow us on Instagram And Twitter

You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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