Premiati da Scenari Immobiliari e Dea Capital!

Awarded by Scenari Immobiliari and Dea Capital!

One month after the establishment, we are very happy to thank Scenari Immobiliari and DeA Capital Real Estate SGR for awarding us the prize for "New vision for the future of real estate 2022" at the 30th Scenari Forum in Santa Maria Ligure.

The vision we proposed highlighted how the #metaverse in augmented reality (in particularOVER the RealityAdding a lot of value to the real estate market.
Furthermore, from our point of view, the combination of the metaverse with #ESG principles can lead to a so-called technological epiphany and also change the evaluation parameters and the sector's narrative.

We are not saying that it is time to invest, but it is definitely time to train, do open innovation, and start testing!

The technology and the first use-cases are already available and will only get better!!

The Future is now!!

HereFind the details of the award ceremony on the Scenari Immobiliari website.

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By Marco PizziniandDavide Felloni(with kind collaboration of) OpenAI chatEnglish


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