Realtà Aumentata e IOT (OVER + Alexa!!)

Augmented reality and iot (over + alexa!!)

Today we give thanks Over the Reality And Koinsquare to have mentioned Metagate for the integration of Alexa commands into the OVER!! AR Lately we've been hearing bad things about #Alexa and how it's not working the way #Amazon expected.

But perhaps for these home automation systems (#IOT) the real use cases have not yet arrived... Imagine being able to turn on the lights by indicating them, or typing a holographic pin to open a turnstile, or being able to open a door with a gesture.

By combining AR and IOT these functions suddenly become reality! Today! Thanks to the interoperability of OVER, in fact, we were able to insert Alexa commands into #Augmented Reality and for the first time not only do we enter the #metaverse, but from the metaverse we return to the real world and interact with it!

The fact that we succeeded with Alexa brings with it another very important aspect as it is an already super widespread device for which a new use case is now available simply by integrating two open technologies!

Naturally we must give credit to #OVERtheReality for having bet on the creation of the only platform for the geolocalization of Augmented Reality experiences without which none of this would have been possible.

We are currently participating in the OVER ARwards with some concrete use cases related to Alexa that you can find (and vote!) at the following links:

Metagate Headquarters 

Santa Claus 


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By Marco Pizzini


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