Arco della Pace in realtà aumentata su OVER

Arch of peace with monuverse by reasoned art

In collaboration with Monoverse Of Reasoned Art, in April 2023 we created an augmented reality experience at the Arco della Pace on the metaverse of OVER the Reality!! Super interesting usecase to enhance our cultural heritage!! The non-invasive restoration and conservation of archaeological finds and sites (example: Herculaneum), or their reconstruction (think of the structures recently destroyed in Syria) is a train that Italy fervently hopes not to miss.

For Italy first of all, it would in fact be an incredible opportunity to reposition in AR the countless finds available in the area. If desired, it is already possible to completely reconstruct entire sites, bringing them back to their ancient glories and making them accessible to non-destructive and potentially borderless tourism, accessible to categories that are currently excluded, such as people with disabilities. In this light, it seemed really interesting to us to carry out a project on the Arco della Pace in Milan in collaboration with Reasoned Art.

On this occasion we integrated a playful and educational narrative carried out by 2 avatars NPCs, with the possibility of interacting with the monument itself. In the experience it is in fact possible to click on some digital lenses placed in AR on the monument to "bring down" the details of some statues and bas-reliefs to the ground to admire them up close at eye level. In this sense, Italy is evidently the country in the world that can most benefit from this technology thanks to its cultural heritage which is notoriously undervalued and difficult to conserve and enjoy.

This experience also confirmed an intuition we had during the Land built in Darsena and ships to Milan and with the Metaverse Fashion Week: to have a media impact, it is not hyperrealism that is important, but real digital contrast in a sensible context. In fact, in the short attention span granted by social media, hyperrealism blends into reality too well, ensuring that people's attention is not captured. On the contrary, an evidently digital element, which however is contextualized and which reflects the natural laws that surround us (light, shadows, movements, perspective, etc..), manages to capture the viewer's attention very well.

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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