Lyon d'AR(T) et de Lumières

Lyon d'ar(t) et de lumières

The event in Lyon on the occasion of the 2023 Festival of Lights was for Metagate a great opportunity for international collaboration both with the gallery "Lyon d'AR(T) et de Lumières", but above all with the Brussels friends of Brussels ART.

For the occasion in the Lyon park was set up Over the Reality an art exhibition from the two French and Belgian galleries. As Metagate we took care of arranging the Christmas tree asset and uploading it together with one of our dragons covered in light for the occasion!

This experience was really important both for bringing our experiences abroad and for us to have a broader view of how the market is growing. In fact, at an international level we see more and more attention to the project Over the Reality (and also at Metagate). At the moment we are nowhere near a Hype and FOMO phase, but something is starting to move.

For 2024, various deadlines are lining up which at a macro level could give a big boost to the sector such as: the release of VisionPro Apple, Bitcoin Halving, Bitcoin/Ethereum ETF, restrictive policies easing in a context of regulatory normalization. We are increasingly convinced of our positioning for this scenario.


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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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