Gioco in realtà aumentata su OVER


A few years ago it was said that Pokemon Go, the first AR game for the masses, had succeeded where girls had failed: getting the Nerds out of the house!

All this power could not be ignored and it is from this intuition that it is born OVER the Reality which creates the first open metaverse platform on which anyone can create augmented reality experiences!

Metagate has understood the underlying potential and day by day is trying to raise the bar of the experiences uploaded into the OVER metaverse. The challenges are multiple and range from graphic quality balanced with the weight of experience, UX in the face of an evolving graphics engine, management of the NFT/crypto world, Alexa integration to further merge experiences with reality ...

In all of this, gamification remains one of the first use cases that we want to pursue and not only because it works, but because these games are adaptable to infinite augmented reality contexts, geolocalized on OVER, around our cities! In shops, castles, squares and absolutely in parks! Everywhere!

The first level (VIDEO) that we made consists of collecting as many coins as possible (BTC of course), while a green monster tries to grab you and take your lives. But this game could very well become Robin Hood who steals from King John chased by the sheriff! And so will the subsequent levels too..

There are 2 fundamental points: you play physically (and in this the Wii was an excellent precursor), but you play in the real world in first person without having to control a digital alter-ego. We've played in third person, we've played in first person and now we're going to play IN PERSON!!

If the potential of all this is still not clear to you, remember the Nerds and Pokemon Go.

Links to the Land to play the first level!!

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You can find our references on Linktree, while on Welook our NFT POAPs.

By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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