Alexa e Babbo Natale in AR rompono la quarta parete

Alexa and Santa Claus in AR break the fourth wall

Metagate as a gift for this Christmas brings a very particular use case!

We created it both to participate in the ARwards Of OVER the Reality, both to demonstrate how it is already possible to mix reality and the metaverse!

But let's take a step back. Imagine entering a real-life megastore wearing Augmented Reality smartglasses. Imagine that a digital Santa Claus in AR comes to meet you complete with music and that before leaving he leaves you a (digital) gift. At this point you touch the digital gift and... in real reality: the music starts, the store lights go out, the Christmas tree lights up and finally... a vending machine gives you a handful of REAL sweets!!

Apart from smartglasses (Apple 2023 give it a shot if you're there..) this is what we have already achieved today thanks to the OVER the Reality metaverse and Alexa (IOT)!

In our opinion, there are many reasons why this is a truly important step:

1. We have gone beyond virtual reality (VR), we have gone beyond augmented reality (AR), by breaking the fourth wall we allowed direct feedback from the metaverse to be returned to true reality!! We have landed in something that I don't even know if it already has a name...

2. We did this with open technologies like OVER's Metaverse and Amazion's Alexa! The composition of micro-services is making the potential of technology exponential. To achieve this, it is important to underline that not a single line of code has been written!!

3. The Alexa device in particular is available to around 100 million people who from today potentially have a new AR interface at their disposal that can be geolocated at home. An incredible lever!!

4. Finally the sweets... a banality which however is called Positive Reinforcement (a bit like i POAP) and it is an incredibly powerful learning tool especially because it is real candy, and above all because it is linked to a gamification dynamic!

Having said that, all you have to do is see here the presentation video and vote for it in the OVER ARwards!

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For those who still want to delve deeper... let's try to understand what other uses this synergy could have:

1. If you pass by our Headquarters (always in the OVER metaverse) with the same system you can "summon" the founders of Metagate by literally making the phone ring in their pocket by interphoning them from the metaverse

2. If you want to open a turnstile by typing a code in the metaverse, you can already do it..

3. You want to turn on the lights by clicking on them at a concert or change the music or activate the smoke machine. Doable.. . 

The next game changer beyond smartglasses Probably the creation of an AR POS..

Final note of attention only for those who have had the courage to read this far: this combination between IOT and AR can probably also be integrated on Google Home devices, but there is no other metaverse functioning on web3, geolocalized and also in AR outside of OVER the Reality at the moment...

Further details here

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By Marco Pizzini


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