ADMO in realta aumentata

Happy to support admo lombardia

From May 9 to 11 and again on June 10, 2023, we supported ADMO Lombardy in its awareness initiative at the Polytechnic of Milan and at ADMORUN in Monza Park.

"Fight Leukemia" is the message we tried to convey both through the flyers we posted and distributed, and with the experiences we created to increase engagement and attention on the event.

We like to underline that we have CHOSEN to support a company like ADMO.

I underline this because, as also expressed in previous articles, I believe that the cultural change that web3 is able to bring will require everyone to return to taking on responsibilities that we are no longer accustomed to, thanks to a series of intermediaries who have made our lives "easy".

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By Marco Pizzini (with the kind collaboration of OpenAI chat)


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