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Metagate - to metaverse and back

Metagate - to metaverse and back


This paper represents the conclusion of my studies at the GSOM (Graduated School of Management) of POLIMI (Polytechnic University of Milan), where I chose to undertake the EMIM (Executive Master in Management) path with a focus on Digital Transformation.

In the first part I will take into consideration the fundamental technological tools of what we understand in Metagate as Metaverse, and then show how these are integrating into various platforms and in the market. In the second half, I will instead analyze the reasons why I chose the Over the Reality metaverse as my reference platform. Finally, I will try to describe all the validation steps and the approach I gave to Metagate Srl, the startup resulting from this entire journey, which I founded in August 2022 and with which I am developing in the Metaverse.

Marco Pizzini


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